Cabbage Cage building

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horticultural 'obbit

Having found some chicken poop, sank some brassicas today. Mainly cabbages, cauliflowers and brocolli.

This bed was lovingly prepared by Mama H, who had dug over the bed that had originally contained garlic and shallots. Plus grass which had to be weedkilled, unfortunately. This had all died a death, and was now ready for the taking up.

With the area dug over, chicken poop was added. Each plant was plugged in, with a dose of lime. Watered, with blue pellets of doom added around the cabbage collars; the protective cage was the next step.

Yes, the canes are flimsy. In places, there are actually two or three under the pots. Green cabbage netting has been draped over, and weighted down with bricks. The dimensions of the netting are a bit off, so we’ve attached another net across one side and horticultural fleece on the other.

This is the second cabbage…

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