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Smellovision was a thing that I remember was going to be possible in the future when I was a kid.


The concept that the smell of stuff could be transmitted from your TV.

It’s weird really, that in this age of technology where sight and sound are so directly shared, smell and taste are missing.

Today at the allotment I was really struck by the olfactory impact.

I was weeding.

Not the sexiest job at the plot. Not like digging or sowing or planting.

Or harvesting!

But it was definitely improved by the aroma.

‘Lekker lucht’ is the Dutch expression. It means delicious air.

And the air was really fragrant.

(you may need to read this in a market if you want to pick up the effect.)

While weeded the potato patch there was an overwhelming odour of strawberries. This was weird because the strawberry patch is currently…

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