Late July Garden



Here are the garden pictures I promised. Late July, and things are getting big. Tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers are coming on. The sunflowers are about a foot and a half tall. My garden may be behind a little bit, but seeing as I created it beginning in November, I feel pretty good about things. Luscious fruit is growing. Pears overhang the garden. Flushes of greens come and go. Flowers grace the borders. It brings me Joy and Peace.

IMG_0897Yes, beefy green tomatoes.

IMG_0899I love my Nasturtiums. Even though their taste is not my favorite, bits of the leaves torn up in a salad bulk it up, as well as diversifying the taste. And as my stepdaughter says, it’s nice to see some other colors besides green in a garden. I am coming to appreciate this wisdom more and more.

IMG_0915Bean City! Pole beans aclimbin’. We have bush beans and pole…

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