Converting a TBH back into a national framed hive


Beekeeping afloat

This was my plan, but the bees have other ideas.

As I only wanted the one TBH and currently have two or do I count the small split from my large TBH and currently very happy living in one end of the hive although fast becoming overcrowded and needs sorting out. Either way I sort of have two and a half TBH’s and this can become four, six and so on so I decided the one next to my small workshop in Brentford has to somehow be  transferred into a national hive without any major upheaval or damage to the bees. This TBH is the one I was looking after for a friend who moved away with the intention of moving it when he found room for it, but later decided to let me have it as it was proving difficult to find room and work commitments made it difficult.

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