Zero Waste Ice Lollies


My Make Do and Mend Year

Apologies in advance if this post puts an end to this glorious sunshine.

It has been HOT! And sunny. And generally more like Summer than I remember a Summer being for a little while.

We have however, been eating a reasonable number of ice lollies, and I am sure that we have seen a resultant rise in the volume of our landfill rubbish (being an avid Waste Watcher makes you twitchy about these kind of things…)
So I have been looking for alternatives that are either Zero Waste, OR plastic free, OR both (is this possible?)

I posed the question during last week’s #makedoandmendhour on Twitter, and had some great suggestions:

  • Re-usable moulds-most of these are plastic, but you can get silicone ones, or even metal ones (Rachelle from My Zero Waste, who tweeted me the link to these described the price as “a bit ouchy”!)
    Here is a…

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