Unnecessary waste


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A few weeks ago I wrote about tea. It was simply the issue of packaging that could be avoided.

But that’s not the only example we encounter.

Sugar is another bug bear of mine.

This quaint sugar bowl in an eco aware cafe really raised my spirits. It’s a permanent fixture with a lid. This keeps the flies away.


The fancy hotel I stayed in had other ideas. Like so many places now, the sugar was individually wrapped. As was the coffee powder, the creamer satchets, the artificial sweetener and the wee biscuits. And don’t get me started on those tiny plastic pots of UHT milk.

Now generally (before I hear you shouting) I don’t take sugar, and black tea is the best option I can find for reducing this excess available waste.

But the thing I can’t understand is that wrapped options must be more expensive.

Where has the…

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