Incredible Footage of Bank Vole giving Birth!


I think I have just captured the most incredible footage I have ever captured! I have been experimenting with a new mammal box, with an HD Vivotek camera and lights inside. This box is not live streaming yet, but it is constantly monitored by i-catcher software, which means it saves footage whenever movement is detected. I regularly check my cameras and you can imagine I had a double take, when I looked at the image within this mammal box and there was a vole with absolutely TINY babies! I was astounded! I ran the footage back from earlier in the day and, over about half an hour, this female vole gave birth to 4 young right in front on my HD camera! I have the whole process recorded (and backed up!)

This is a wild vole, giving birth in a lit box with no bedding or nest of any kind…

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