Reduce, reuse, recycle! Jars!


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So it happens to all of us. One wrong move and a glass hits the tiled kitchen floor.

Thousands of tiny shards spreading out into the space. When you sweep up you might find a piece somewhere ridiculously far away.

When this occurance happened recently we realised that the number of glasses left in the cupboard wasn’t sufficient anymore.

Now before we dashed down to the nearest Scandinavian homeware store I had a brainwave.

We use glass every day.

Although we try to reuse single use glass jars for our jam and single use bottles for our juices, was that enough?

I had an idea.

There’s a type of soup we’ve got fond of when there’s no veg coming in that has a really good jar.

Why couldn’t we use that as a tumbler?


Turns out we can.

The jars cleaned nicely with a soak in vinegar and water so…

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