Day 25: Plastic Free July 2014



Six days ago @ZeroWasteChef tweeted a link to this article. So there’s plastic in clothes, making its way into the ocean, and then the food chain? Surely not, I thought…and filed it into that part of my brain where I store ideas, that I’ll maybe think about later.

Yesterday, I revisited the theory. I typed plastic in clothes into my search engine, and the first article that was listed is this one. It was on the BBC website, but it referred to the same ecologist as in the original article, Mark Browne, who was working at the University of California.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if research such as this, is based outwith where you live (in my case the UK), then I experience it as comforting somehow – like it’s too far away to touch me. I kept reading the article however, and it seemed that…

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