The Heat Is On

The Frustrated Gardener

I love a bit of sun as much as the next man, but when the mercury rises above 25 degrees I am not at my best. I become sluggish, irritable and less inclined to get up and go. If I were a plant, I’d be an alpine, at my best in the spring and enjoying a cool, bright position.

Has anyone found a front door?  I seem to have lost mine.... Has anyone found a front door? I seem to have lost mine….

Thankfully the plants in our seaside garden don’t share my sensitivity to the heat and continue their extraordinary midsummer growth spurt. Canna iridiflora x ehemanii (top of post), which was slow to get going, has suddenly started producing leaves of banana-like proportions. Flower buds, which will open to reveal trusses of nodding carmine flowers, are just starting to form. All this growth makes reaching the front door quite an experience. The canna cannot stay where they are, but…

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