Male and female pumpkin flowers


Growing out of chaos

Since noticing what seemed to be a marrow growing on my pumpkin plant the other day, I’ve taken a keen interest in how pumpkins develop (also spurred on by what’s happening with the cucumbers).

One thing I discovered was that the pumpkin (and cucumber) has male and female flowers, so it can self-pollinate.



I’ve also read that it is possible to give nature a helping hand by transferring pollen from the stamen in the male flower to the ovary in the female flower. As there appeared to be quite a bit of pollen falling off the stamen on this plant, I therefore decided to give it a go. To be honest, I’m really not sure how the pollen could have transferred itself alone, considering the distance between the two flowers, although before I ever looked into these matters the pumpkins still developed!

Anyway, at least I now know something new…

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