Hedgehog Rescue!

Thank you for sharing have a blessed day Kate


Tonight, I received a phone call from my daughter. Her boyfriend’s family had spotted a very small hedgehog in their garden earlier in the day, when it was light, and it was still around. They have given it some meaty cat food and water, which was exactly the right thing to do… never give bread or milk. They were concerned and rightly so…. any hedgehog seen out in the day, especially when they are this small needs help! 

I drove straight over and we located him up behind their gate. He was tony… small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and way to small to be out on his own. Although he looked ok, I knew he was too small to be alone and I popped him in a shoe box and brought him home. Straight away, I rang my friend and hedgehog expert, Joan, at West…

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