Chinese cabbage

Awesome thank you for sharing Helen have Blessed day

Growing out of chaos

Three years ago, as a novice gardener, I put my cauliflower seedlings outside to harden off. No protection, just pots on the patio. Big mistake! When I got home from work, there wasn’t much left of them. At least I knew it must have been the birds, rather than some mysterious nibbler 😉

Anyway, not wishing the same fate for my Chinese cabbage, I have put the seedlings outside under a net cloche. They are still very small and I read that they don’t transplant well. But needs must – the ground they are to go in isn’t ready yet…..

I’ve dug the compacted soil a little to loosen it and covered it in good old manure. Hopefully this and a dash of good luck will see some Chinese cabbage in the autumn.


© Helen Butt, July 2014

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