Tuesday Terrific Trials: Industrious

Awesome and thank you for sharing have a blessed week

Green Lizard's Blog

This week’s trial spike to me immediately. While Preeti’s challenges over the past couple of weeks gave had me scratching my head to find an image idea that fits with my blog theme this was was very clear indeed.

There’s an aspect of our little green works that is forever industrious. In six weeks of




The bumble bee has found a way to access tiny comfrey flowers for pollination by making a hole in the side of their narrow blooms. Each flower needs twenty insect visits to make a complete pollination.

The worker bee in the hive tends the tiny pupae of new bees curled securely inside their hexagonal cradles and the combs of honey glisten with the effort and work of the sixteen thousand bee journeys that contribute to every teaspoonful.

Now that’s what I call hard work. In six weeks of life she works day and night for…

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