Sunday 20th July 2014 – To Ham House and back again.

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Now I didn’t walk as far as I’d planned this week, but still a fair way. I’d been on my feet for most of the afternoon ringing a peal of Rutland Surprise Major in celebration of a fellow ringers wedding. This meant that we rang constantly for 2 hours and 42 minutes, this will not mean anything to many of you, but those who know about bell ringing, it’s a massive achievement. So having done that, I was a little tired, but I still managed to walk a decent distance. So after bell ringing on Sunday morning (with still rather sore fingers) I walked off to Ham House and Gardens. I’ve taken the kids here before on several occasions and as it was just over 9 miles from my starting point I thought it would be a good distance and somewhere I could stop and have lunch before heading…

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