Reuse that envelope!

Great idea Liz thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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I featured an office redirect envelope recently and then in the comments I had a conversation about recycling tools that aren’t a major thing to use.

I have a pack of forest saver labels. I’ve had them for many years and they are very useful.

This is one source though I’m not trying to sell them. Almost any label can make an envelope new. These do make a good cover because they are made from recycled paper and use water soluble adhesive.


They are for re-addressing postage envelopes. Especially these ones.


Those envelopes that are lined with bubble wrap. If I get a delivery in one of these I keep it. Then when I need to send something I can cover any previous address information with these labels and send it again.


Today I used one fir a cardboard box that I wanted to use to send something to my…

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