Monday 21st July 2014 – Tidying the back garden…again.

Lovely post thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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It’s an on going job, but I don’t mind really, you get the garden tidied a few weeks back and then it gets all messy again. Plants are like children they keep growing!! The kids have now broken up for the summer, so I won’t be going down the allotment as often as normal, but still a fair bit. They’re old enough for me to leave them at home for a couple of hours while I pop to do some weeding and watering, which is fabulous. I’m only just up the road and it would take me 10 minutes to get home if I walked, so I’m not far away. But today I spent the day in the back garden tidying the plants and dead heading (the plants not the children). It now looks lovely and tidy. It’s all growing well, and a pleasure to sit in and enjoy the sun…

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