Home made Bird Feeder

Lovely thank you for sharing I have one on one of my bird tables hanging down from it have a blessed day

The Insect hotel Library

Check out our home made bird feeder, which me and the little one (Harry) made for the Insect Hotel grounds!  We both had lot’s of fun making this, which again was cost effective and got us outside in the garden looking after our local wildlife.

Ignore the messy kitchen (Oops).

So how did we do it.

  1. We attached a piece of string to the pine cone.  Dads bit.
  2. We smeared the pine cone with peanut butter.  Harry’s bit.
  3. Sprinkled bird seed over the now sticky pine cone.
  4. Carefully (Oops) place cone in the fridge for around an hour, to stop the peanut butter melting.
  5. Done.  Hang it up….and wait for the local bird visitors to enjoy their new treat!

To date we’ve marvelled (and patted ourselves on the back) at both Blue tits and sparrows enjoying the feeder.

I’m sure a Insect Hotel short story to follow soon, including the…

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