Come into my parlour…. Review of the Parlour W4

awesome thank you for sharing

Chiswick Mum

You’ve probably passed the Parlour on your wanderings through Chiswick. It’s on one of my favourite streets – Devonshire Road. A beautiful, beautiful street full of independent shop and trades.

But if you have passed the Parlour, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a dainty vintage teashop. It’s the vintage hairdryers, in gorgeous pastel colours, hanging in the window which give a hint to its true nature.

For the Parlour is a boutqiue blow-dry and braid bar. And when I had a chance to try it out I leapt at the chance. The whole concept of going somewhere just to get your hair blow dried or put up in a pretty braid was new to me. (Although you can also get your hair dyed, highlighted and trimmed there).

“It’s more common in America,” xxx the stylist explained, smiling at me in the mirror. “Jacqueline, the owner, came…

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