Grrrr Balloons! And a beehive check

Lovely post Liz have a blessed day

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I’ve written about balloons and how they damage the environment. But today I’m back on it.

We went to check hive 3. The beautiful blue hive in an eco garden.

The garden has really developed now.


As you can see, the wild flowers have grown and spread and the garden feels really peaceful and natural.

The bees and butterflies obviously think so too.



We checked the hive but the weather was a little stormy. So not a good time to disturb a hive.


But then I saw it.

There on the water.


A gleaming, glistening balloon. Not in a location for parties at all!

And out of reach!

I hope this image clarifies that balloons should never be allowed outside!

But then at the allotment we met a neighbour from our own street. At the annual street party they hold a competition where balloons are launched by the children and…

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