Got my view back!

Awesome post Helen thank you for sharing

Growing out of chaos

Well, the compost bin is almost full now! Earlier on today, I noticed that some of the flowers on the florence fennel had shrivelled and died. It therefore seemed unlikely that there would be any of the hoped-for seeds forthcoming. In light of this, I decided the fennel had to go.

Over the last few weeks the plants had got bigger and bigger and this is what they looked like today:


Now, all that has gone in the compost bin and I can prepare the ground for some brassicas. And of course, I can once more sit on my patio and admire the view.


I’ll put down some green manure (phacelia, with lovely purple flowers) later in the day when it has cooled off. In the meantime, the growbag with lettuce in it, which had been sheltered by the fennel, has been moved to a shady spot behind the runner…

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