Jungle Warfare

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The Frustrated Gardener

At a certain point each year our seaside garden passes from a neat, orderly state into jungly bedlam. It becomes increasingly hard to move around without getting swiped in the face by a wayward lily, tripped by a flailing jasmine or toppled by a booby-trapped begonia. Getting to the front door requires a machete, if we can find it in the first place. The plants are waging a guerrilla war and will hold their territory until late autumn. I was hoping they might do the decent thing and agree a truce until our National Gardens Scheme open weekend is over, but the intense heat and rain we’ve experienced over the last two weeks has stirred everything into rampant action. My defeat is my own doing, highlighting an appalling lack of restraint when it comes to planting; all at once everything is on top of one another and fighting for supremacy.

Going ape. Pots outside the front door Going ape. Pots outside the front door filled with Eucomis bicolor, begonias, fuchsias, salvias and members…

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