How does your garden grow..

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Fiona Dillon Writes

Confession Time

My garden is a bit of a mess.

Now at any given time it’s not the most tended of plots but this summer we are doing some work here at Hunters Lodge.

And work=mess.

Many of  my readers presume I have a perfectly manicured garden but nothing could be further from the truth – particularly this year.  As I write, I have the old kitchen table and chairs on the patio, antique wardrobes to be refurbished in the car port, a double bed and more bedroom furniture in the hall.  Two bedrooms are waiting to be plastered and there’s a trench to be filled at one end of the house.  My kitchen floor is dotted with Fiesta Red paint (the colour of my new table and chairs) and throughout the house there is a mountain of painting to do.  Sounds like a bit of a nightmare doesn’t it?



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