Gardener’s Delight: Oh Life

Lovely Liz thank your for sharing

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There’s a tool I use that makes me a happier gardener.

I wanted to share it because it’s very simple and easy and I think many Gardeners would find it helpful.

It’s not in the shed or my gardening bag. I didn’t get it in the garden centre.

I started using this tool about eighteen months ago and it’s really beneficial now.

It’s in the form of an email. Heres a quote from it that I got yesterday.

Oh snap, remember this? One year ago you wrote…

Working on jam. Picked over the five kg of blackcurrants. Working on jam.

It’s a very simple tool. I get an email every day. You can choose the frequency to suit your needs.

It says, It’s Wednesday, Jul 16 – How did your day go? in the title. And I reply with as much it as little information as I want to.


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