The cardboard mulch

Lovely update thank you for sharing Helen have a blessed day

Growing out of chaos

In 2010, I decided to get rid of my lawn. Not wanting to use weedkillers, I used a mixture of carpet over the grass and overturning the turf round the edges. This worked reasonably well, to the extent that I have been growing things in this area for last couple of summers.

The grass has not gone away completely, though, with the result that I find myself continually digging out clumps of it as well as other ‘weeds’. Indeed, there is a particularly bad patch, which in honesty had not been dealt with originally (just manual pulling up by the roots). And now it is once more turning into lawn – but hopefully not for much longer. Having learned that cardboard will suppress whatever is growing under it (okay not the roots of perennials, which I will have to dig out later), I’m going to try it out.


The cardboard…

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