Courgette zucchini vegetarian moussaka our way!

Awesome update Liz thank you for sharing have a blessed weekend

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The master chef recently got some inspiration. We are hitting the courgette zucchini mountain peak any minute now.

We’ve fried them, souped them, and stewed them!

But then a fellow blogger posted a moussaka recipe. The master chef didn’t want a recipe so he got started today. (We tried to find it too but that’s where I wish there was a search on liked posts!)

It didn’t hold him back!

First he sautéed the courgette (zucchini) slices.

And meanwhile made a sauce with
Chopped onion
Chopped red pepper
Two cloves Garlic
A chilli
Diced courgette
Diced mushroom
Tinned Tomatoes (ours aren’t ready yet)
And one cup of soaked dried red lentils.



Then he layered the sliced courgette and sauce in a large oven dish.

He part steamed some garden potato slices for the top layer.


The final touch was a mixture of grated vegan cheese and soya milk with a…

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