Jogging and Life

Awesome post Sophie thank you for sharing have a blesses week

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It’s been nearly a year since I completed my 1st ever 10k jogging distance and 19 months since I took up jogging to get myself fit.

Later on this month I plan to start training for a half-marathon.   If you’d have told me this time 2 years ago that I’d become a regular jogger I would have laughed in your face.  I couldn’t jog anywhere for any distance without getting stitches, puffing out of breath and looking like a beetroot.  Okay I do look like a beetroot sometimes even now, but jogging is no longer an undiscovered, unattainable fitness regime, it’s now just part of my life.

As well as achieving what I thought were such unreachable goals, jogging (and at times I’ve also been known to run), has taught me quite a lot, about myself and in actual fact about life too.

In fact you can apply the…

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