Flowers and birds

Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed weekend

Growing out of chaos

Last night, when checking to see how the mangetout were doing, I was ecstatic to discover – at long last! – flowers. I was also a little surprised that they were purple, whereas the flowers from my first ever packet of mangetout had been white.


Anyway, I was also very pleased, and a tad relieved, to see flowers developing on the tomato plants as well. So, today’s post had originally meant to be purely about my veg crops.

However, this morning I decided to cut down the phacelia (green manure) which has finished flowering. It is starting to look quite untidy and so the compost heap is a better place for it to be (the plan being that whatever else I grow will be protected by the remaining phacelia). Then I turned round and saw a dead bird (a sparrow) near the apple tree.


This time, I was shocked but…

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