Dieren Ambulance

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Dieren pronounced dear-n is another example of a word in Dutch that works well.

It means animals. Which of course are very dear to many people.

This is a charitable organisation run with volunteers and donations.

dieren ambulance website in English

Twice this week I’ve had experiences that the dieren ambulance helped with.

It’s been almost 30 degrees in The Netherlands recently.

One of the storks that flew the nest has been picked up by one of their team. It was near the nest; a few streets away. It was dehydrated but is doing well.


They shared this photo today.

Meanwhile the cat is being looked after. She has breathing difficulties and is very thin but has a sweet nature.

This organisation only reunites 30% of animals with their owners. They rely on donations to provide care for creatures.

The cat has a really sweet nature.

It’s good that…

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