Day 17: Plastic Free July 2014

your doing great thank you for sharing have a blessed day


The keener observers amongst you will have noticed that the number of blog posts I’ve written this week has decreased. The reason for this is that I’ve been away on a short family holiday. But…it’s Plastic Free July!

That was my first thought, but my other half pointed out that not taking the kids away for a few days of fun because I was avoiding disposable plastics, wasn’t my best idea. Sitting at home while Mummy creatively finds alternatives to cling film and washes out her new tea diffusers, isn’t really making the most of the holidays, is it? So off we went for to a great wee hotel for a few nights. Yippee!

I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to play the whole plastic-free thing. As you know, I’ve thrown the rule book away and have been playing Plastic Free July by ear – avoiding…

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