Two favourite flowers

Awesome post Flighty thank you for sharing I still waiting for the sunflowers to germinate for me

Flighty's plot

There are now plenty of colour shade variations for both nasturtium flowers and leaves but I still like the red and yellow ones with light green leaves.

Nasturtiums, red   Nasturtiums, yellow

The ones on the plot this year are mostly self-seeded as snails devoured nearly all of the ones that germinated from seeds I sowed.  I’m glad they did appear as I would have have missed these bright, cheery flowers.

I dead-headed the pot marigolds on Monday morning when I also had a close look at the all the various distinct colour variations that I now grow.  One flower in particular caught my eye as it’s almost creamy, and I’ve certainly  not seen any as light as this previously.

Creamy pot marigold  A 'Flighty's favourite' pot marigold

This other one perfectly illustrates how red the backs of the petals are before the flower fully opens as a completely different colour.

I’ve sent various blog friends  pot marigold seeds over…

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