Strange Quailing!

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I’ve written a lot about chickens. But they weren’t the first fowl that we kept at the house.

As our backyard is quite small we thought it might be appropriate to start off with very small birds.

After visiting a friend, who kept chickens on a larger scale we discovered that quail could suit our needs.

The quail is a game bird, she dwells on the ground in the undergrowth and usually blends in with beautiful dark brown plumage so that nobody can see her.

We managed to acquire our first quail about four years ago. It was a comedy story because we started with four intending that we’d have three females of four females and a male.

It’s quite tricky to tell the difference between quail and it turned out that most of ours crowed quite distinctively!

We ended up making three trips back to the supplier with unwanted…

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