Smelly cat, smelly cat! The dieren ambulance

Lovely post Liz thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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Tonight we called the dieren ambulance.

A cat has been appearing in our front garden a few days ago. She was sitting on the bench looking soggy. But seemed to disappear after that.

A couple of days later, she was lying on the grass.


This evening when I went out to go to swimming the cat was on the grass again. In the same spot and looking decidedly less active.

I’m not a big pet or animal person but she wasn’t well. I fetched water and she drank deeply, using her paw in the water too. I stroked her back and felt her bones. This cat wasn’t doing well but she was calm.

We called the dieren ambulance. which us the animal ambulance her in Holland. Then I found her a little food but she didn’t eat much.

When the local hero arrived he scanned her but didn’t find a…

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