Cheeky birds

Lovely post thank you for sharing have a blessed evening

Growing out of chaos

The other day I noticed a few blueberries ready to be harvested. Then I thought I might as well wait a day or two to be absolutely certain they were ripe. Seems the birds were more certain than me, though, as when I went out this evening the blueberries were gone!


At the going rate, it therefore looks like I have found an expensive way to feed the birds, considering the blueberry bush cost me £16. So, next year I will have to find a more secure way of keeping them off my fruit.

Interestingly, I have not had this trouble with the blackberries. The netting seems to have kept the birds off these without me having to be too fastidious. I’m therefore hoping it will be the same this year. Especially as this will probably be the last year for the blackberry bush in my garden. Although it is…

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