# seedypenpal update

Well I had a bad start with my growing season what with missing panes of grass in the green house then with fading labels I got all my seedling confused but the wild tomatoes from Annick are doing great it like a forest in my greenhouse at present

the pomegranate started to germinated then dies on me and the squashes are doing great a yellow one but can not remember what it called sorry and the things I sowed that Lorraine gave me some did not take off at all blaming my greenhouse as David would not let me bring seeds indoors and use the airing cupboard as we have no heating in this house what so ever only an open fire and a hot water tank when we still had some glass missing on the greenhouse seem an aged to get it all finished

annicks tomatoes


I think a bit be hind on having things ready to harvest for some reason but hopefully they will pick up soon I need new batties so I can not show you the squashes at this time but hopefully when I harvest them I will be able to show you then
look forward to the Autumn round of Seedy Penpals all ready sorting some seeds out in readiness
have a blessed day

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