Terrific Tuesday Trials: Dauntless

Awesome post Liz thank you for sharing

Green Lizard's Blog

This weeks trial from Preeti is an interesting one. It’s Dauntless. An image that indicates fearlessness.

This one couldn’t have come at a better time for me. And I have something that fits well in my blog.

We’ve been keeping bees for a couple of years now and it’s an interesting hobby and an opportunity to challenge misconceptions.

People have two thoughts about bees commonly.

They sting


Is there honey?

Contrasting thoughts; one fearful one exploitative.

As beekeepers we’ve learned quickly that the honey’s not the most important thing and that bees are often quiet and busy and unlikely to sting you.

Is it dauntless to lift a frame from a hive without protective clothing?


Or is it dauntless to allow a bee to investigate your face?


The bee wouldn’t think so.

In respect of these amazing super organisms another dauntless thing happened this week. Not for the…

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