A piece of cake – review

Lovely post and it nice when he can help you out on the blog if your busy

Chiswick Mum

This is the very first review on my blog from Chiswick Dad! So please do leave me a comment letting me know what you think! Should I let him loose on my blog again? 😉

Here he talks crafts, cupcakes and holiday fun – in his review of Cupcake Avenue.

On a bright half term morning we set off for Cupcake Avenue, a place of everything cake and also a fine coffee shop. Situated on Actons, Churchfield Rd, which has become somewhat of a small mecca of interesting shops, which is well served by Acton Central station.

We’d been invited to a Children’s Cake decorating workshop run by Alpa in a spacious but yet cosy room just behind the cafe.

Today’s group of 5 lucky children donned their aprons and settled down to a demonstration of how one colours icing, then of rolling it thin and finally the cutting…

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