Day 10: Plastic Free July 2014

Thank you for sharing have a blessed day


I’m loving some of the blog comments and tweets that have been coming to me over the last few of days, in response to the issue of tea bags containing plastic. If you’re new here then – that’s right, plastic in the ACTUAL BAG! I’m sorry…

Some of us Plastic Free July-er’s got into discussions about this (initiated by @polytheenpam) just as the challenge was about to kick off. The issue’s rumbled on a bit, raising questions such as, do you have to give up tea bags to go plastic-free? Is there plastic in all tea bags? Is plastic in tea safe? It’s caused a bit of a storm or – as my other half is calling it – a storm in a teacup…!

Anyway, yesterday I decided that I needed to investigate this issue a bit further. Coincidentally, I had retweeted this old post out earlier in the day on the subject…

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