Poor mouse!

lovely post even though sad I sleep on your collecting problem and let you know in the morning

Growing out of chaos

A few weeks ago, I saw a mouse in my garden. I proceeded to get some peppermint oil, which I used to soak cottonwool. This I put round the garden and in the Wendy house.

After that, I didn’t see the mouse anymore, so I thought the oil had done trick…. I didn’t want to chance fate by writing anything, though.

Now, I’ve just had a little shock. Whilst going to collect some water from one of the rain collection tubs, I saw a dead mouse. It had drowned – poor thing!

This is not at all what I had hoped. Previously, there was a honey bee which drowned in such a tub, so I am wondering now about my rain collection methods. At the same time, there are no drainpipes on my property, so is there an alternative?

© Helen Butt, July 2014

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