Fill Your House for Free

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My Make Do and Mend Year

Did you catch it last night?
I’m so excited that Kirstie Allsopp’s Fill Your House For Free is back for a second series!
I know that some people said last time that it was unrealistic as they had a whole team searching the country for the best of the free stuff the likes of Freegle and Gumtree, but I just love it and I think that it introduces the concept of secondhand and re-use to a whole new audience-which is pretty rad (told you I would be using that word more..!)
And as Kirstie points out in the intro, with over 10 million items of furniture being discarded every year, every bit of help to halt/reverse this trend is desperately needed.

If you had been inspired by some of the things in the show, I have done  a quick Pinterest search selflessly scoured the internet for hours, and compiled some…

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