Absolute Beginner

Looks very good to me have a blessed day

The Frustrated Gardener

I am a complete novice when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables. My last real experience was in my early teens when I grew an abundance of lettuce, courgettes and sweetcorn in my parents’ garden. Since then herbs have been the extent of my daliance with edible plants. Legumes are unfamiliar, root vegetables foreign and brassicas positively alien. This is new, unexplored territory.

I’ve recently completed an assessment at work to establish where my strengths lie. It reveals amongst other things that I am positive; strategic; a collector of knowledge, things and experiences; someone who always looks to the future. Exploration is fundamental to me, whether it’s new foods, far flung countries or unusual experiences. I am the person that sees an unknown ingredient on a restaurant menu and instead of enquiring what it is, orders it in order to find out. Rarely have I been disappointed, and this is my point. Apart from obviously…

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