Stork update: almost time to go!

Lovely update thank you for sharing have a blessed day Liz

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A few short weeks ago three strong chicks hatched in their heady home.

As the days pass they become taller and more adventurous. 20140703-194125-70885206.jpg

Mum stands by watching over them as the nest gently sways.

The chicks have flight feathers and are looking very cooped up.

Mum keeps the nest clean and keeps the chicks in check.

Her red beak contrasts with their dark mouths.


She’s feeding them regularly and watching them grow. Meanwhile when she is away they wait and watch. When they gaze over the edge it’s hard to believe they’ll soon step off and glide into space. What an incredible first step they make!


It’s hard to know whether the next post will simply show an empty nest.

To find out more about these storks and their progress you can look here.

who brings stork babies?

the stork nest

stork babies: part 2

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