Planting trees – the long game

Awesome lovely post willow and bamboo is what I am looking out so I do not need to keep buying bamboo when I need new canes I was silly we had on in the last garden and forgot to dig some up have a blessed day

alder & ash

So here’s a little encouragement to anyone thinking of planting a tree or two…Three years ago, we planted a tiny ‘copse’ of about 50 bare-root saplings, most only about 60cm high. Most of them are now taller than me (not that hard, I’m not very tall!), but this summer, the first trees grew taller than H (who is 6’3). This little bare corner of a field is becoming a place, to us. The trees now cast just enough shade for a smallish child to sit under on a sunny day.

Then... Then…

...and now. Look - they're big enough to cast some shade! …and now. Look – they’re big enough to cast some shade!

We planted the copse with the aim of growing at least some of our own firewood, to feed the woodburner that keeps the older part of the house warm (well, warmer) in the winter. With that in mind, we put in fast-growing species that can be coppiced every…

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