Benefit cost of growing your own

Awesome post Helen thank you for sharing have a blessed day

Growing out of chaos

Whilst at the park today talking to a friend, we tried to weigh up the economic cost of growing your own compared to buying from a shop and if there was any benefit cost. Clearly, this is complicated as it depends on many factors, some of which are hardly measurable.

I’ve not worked how much I’ve spent on my garden, but I have bought the following:

– spade (x2)
– hoe
– trowel
– secateurs
– loppers
– netting
– cloches
– growbags
– compost
– compost bin
– manure
– topsoil
– bamboo canes
– pots
– ties
– organic slug repellent
– organic fertiliser
– seeds, bulbs and tubers
– bushes and trees.

I have also spent money on petrol to get me to and from the places I’ve bought them from. Then there is the tap water for seedlings (to reduce the risk of damping off from…

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