The Humble Office Redirect Envelope

awesome and thank you Liz for sharing

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So I was sent something at work today. Nothing extremely important. It came in a simple blue envelope.

I looked at the office redirect envelope with a bit more attention than normal.

I realised that it featured a great history. Colleagues young and old, past and present, senior and junior from the various departments and buildings.

Halfway down the first column I also saw my own writing to a colleague who had also since left.

I wonder what I sent her then?

I wonder when it was? How funny not to know now.

This humble envelope had travelled from accounts to transport and back, from the CEO to the front desk.

The image is deliberately blurry to protect the innocent.

It’s probably carried many different documents and articles. Proposals, notes, letters, binders, reports, documents, responses and correspondence.

The reason why it took my attention was because many of the names…

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