Sunday 29th June 2014 – Show me a sign….

lovely post and thank you for sharing

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Back on track with my walking training for my Shine Night walk in September. Today I decided to walk from home to Hatchlands Park. According to my Google Maps app on my phone it should take 4 and a half hours to walk there, but to me that seemed rather a long time, so I reckoned I could do it in less time. So off I set at 9.45am with instructions on how to get there. It’s 14 miles from my house, which is quite a long way to walk. But I had my music plugged in, a big bottle of water and some food to eat on the way. I guessed that it would take me about 4 hours to walk there, so Mark and Emily got there earlier to have lunch, and then I would find them when I arrived. George wasn’t there, as he’s at Scoutabout,

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