Garden Connect – Month 4

Lovely update Sophie perhaps the toms are a bush Varity my ones in my connect bed are not growing a tall thanks for the reminder I nearly for got since I just blog once a week now have a blessed day

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

As you know I’m part of a growing community called Garden Connect. The idea behind it being that if growers from all over the world grew the same types of vegetables, in the same way, at the same time of year it would be rather interesting to see how each person’s crops progressed and the harvest each country produced (or states and counties within each country). The layout of the garden has been designed by Matt (the creator of Garden Connect).

8128051_orig Courtesy of Matt of Hiemstra Gardens

Month 4 Update

Just a very quick update this month.  I realised I’d nearly gone past June without posting my update (my bad).

The good

  • Cucumbers have slowed their growth right down.  The leaves started to turn yellow which was rectified quite quickly by applying a generous watering of Epsom salts however the growth is taking a while to come back.
  • I’m…

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