Fallow Fawn wonder :o)

Awesome update thank you for sharing


I have recently been having quite a lot of visit to Silver Trees Caravan Park , a private site, in Cannock Chase. Knowing that this is the time of year that many of the fawns are born to the many Fallow Deer around this area, I set a series of Bushnells around the site with Rob Winstanley, who lives there. 

I will be creating a page on my website very soon all about this beautiful place and its wildlife, but I wanted to share some of the special clips I have captured so far; probably some of my all time favourite Bushnell captures! 

The Fallow give birth deep inside the protective curtains of bracken that now cover a lot of the wooded areas. The fawns are left, hidden, by the mothers during the day and the does return to feed them. It is very important to remember if you ever find a…

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