#makedoandmendhour 26th June

awesome Jen

My Make Do and Mend Year

Here’s this week’s round up of our #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat (Thursdays 8-9pm BST)

Pictures we shared:

1. Bag made with some favourite fabric from @Mehubbyankids
2. Fabulous bench made from a tree that @life_asweknow’s neighbour was cutting down!
3. Close up of part of the bench from @life_asweknow
4. Great selection of vintage finds from @VintageHomeShop’s pop-up
5. Awesome book upcycle inspiration from @GDUKStyle
6. Hand darning patches onto jeans-dedicated mending from @BeckyAnnison
7. @GDUKStyle is running some fabulous ‘eco-chic’ interiors courses-check out the details here
. Pants from old t-shirts! Loving the fabric choice from @vickymcreations
9. Great use of leftover yarn with this project from @BeckyAnnison
10. You might need to do some serious drinking for these cork initials from @GDUKStyle!
11. Brilliant use of an old potato box from @TheCottageGilla to make some underbed storage
12. I have seen wooden ladders used to make shelving units…

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