The Good Things #2: A bit of a tidy-up

lovely post and thank you for sharing have a blessed day


Last week Elizabeth from Margot and Barbara kicked off her link-up series about The Good Things. Keen to exploit this opportunity for a bit of positivity, I linked my piece about my 100th blog post. It was uplifting to write about something good and it turns out that these blog link-up thingys are pretty sociable, both on Twitter and the blog, which only added to the joy of the whole experience for me.

Now, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I am about to embark on Plastic Free July (OMG!) and my focus for July will be on all things – or rather, no things – plastic. However, I couldn’t resist sneaking in another Good Things post, while I have time. Plus, last week Elizabeth tweeted that she’d continue The Good Things link if she got at least three people linking. Last time I checked, she got 7 –…

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